Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2005 in Burgundy Redux--Praise and Blame

The praise is all for Burgundy producer Michel Magnien; the blame all for your humble, yet slothful, blogger.

Tonight we opened another bottle from the North Berkeley Wines Burgundy sampler mentioned in an earlier post. Low expectations for this one, as its appellation is merely Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire. But a blast of wonderful strawberry and blackberry aromas emerged the moment we pulled the cork, and we knew we had found something wonderful.

On the palate, the wine lives up to its aromatic promise. No particular length, but just wonderful, delicate, pleasurable taste. The strawberry is a mere hint on the palate, but the blackberry--crushed blackberries, eaten one at a time rather than the intense concentration of a blackberry pie filling--are delightfully reminiscent of summer on a day that was anything but summery.

This wine may not be the greatest Burgundy ever made, but it is certainly a wine that would give someone new to Burgundy an idea of why these wines can be magical.

So... onto the blame. Well, since we took a little while to open this wine, you may have some trouble finding it. North Berkeley has sold out. A Google search gives some hope that the wine can be found elsewhere. This wine was part of the $175 sampler we bought (less than $15/bottle), but we believe it was a mere $16 at retail. If you do find the wine, drink up. We'll take another sip and toast to you, beloved readers, wishing you luck in your search.

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