Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to Wines for the People

Thanks for visiting our new blog, Wines for the People. We believe that great wine should be available to everyone, so our goal here is to help you find good wines at great prices.

Expect anything from a one- or two-line review of a particular wine to an in-depth virtual visit to a winery, with notes on everything produced there. We are very open to suggestions, questions, comments, and encouragement.

Because we are in the wine industry, we are hiding behind a thin veil of anonymity so that we can freely discuss wines someone we know may have had a hand in producing. For you puzzle solvers out there, it will not be too difficult to unmask us, but please keep your triumph to yourself.

Direct queries to PWR at att dot net


  1. So my mom swears by Vendange Chardonnay... whats you feel on this. I'm not crazy about it myself, but their Merlot isn't bad.


  2. Hi Amandah,

    We have not had the Vendange wines in some time, but we have fond memories of enjoying them with friends years ago. At least back then, the quality was much higher than anything else at the price, at least that we could find.

    If your mom likes the Chardonnay, and you like the Merlot, more power to her and to you. Vendange is made by Constellation Wines, and it appears to still retail for under $10/1.5L, the equivalent of $5 for a regular bottle of wine. This is a hard price to beat!

    We would be curious to hear what your mother likes about the Chardonnay and what you don't like, and same for the Merlot. We might then be able to suggest a few other wines to try.

    Cheers, and thanks for the comment!


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