Monday, March 2, 2009

Confusion--Wine Review Weekly

This story just gets weirder. This is part 3. Immediately below, you'll find part 2, which is a follow up to the original post beneath it. We endeavored to spread the news about a useful, moderately useful, email service. We then discovered that the service is available only to members of the wine industry. Our promised investigation was extremely brief. Within seconds of posting part 2, we discovered that, while this service is free to those in the industry, it is available to the general public for....$349. I mean to say, "just $6.72 per week"!

Depressing and distressing. Who outside of the industry would be willing to pay for such a service? We are mystified. At any rate, the emails all include a link for forwarding to a friend. So, if any of you, after reading below, decide you would like to know what might be worth so much money, let us know and we will gladly forward the email to you. Part 2 follows....

We are perplexed. We began writing a post about an email service we thought might interest our readers. Clicking on the link to sign up, we discovered that this service is only offered to people in the wine industry. We promise to investigate. In the meanwhile, if any of you would like us to forward our weekly email, let us know via pwr at att net Below is the post that would have been:

If you like reading about wine, or if you would like more recommendations about wines to try, you might want to sign up for Wine Review Weekly, from Wine Opinions. This is a free service. Subscribers get an email each Monday morning describing all the wines reviewed in major newspapers, magazines and blogs. Each entry gives a brief description, such as

"The Oregonian: Wine columnist Matt Kramer on finding real value in wine. Cases in point are Cantele Primitivo 'Salento' 2006, and Vina Gormaz Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2007."

Links are included so you can click your way to any article of interest.

Since signing up we have received the weekly email, and nothing else--no ads or spam. (Yes there is something about surveys with potential prize money, but we have no recollection of doing a survey, or even being offered the chance to do one. Nor have we won any prizes.)

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