Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beverage Testing Institute Top 100 Values

The Beverage Testing Institute has issued a decree listing the top 100 values in wine. Well, we wish they had. Instead they posted a link with further links to values in each of several categories, presumably adding up to 100 wines.

We have certainly disagreed with the BTI in the past, but this is nevertheless a good resource for anyone looking for recommendations for inexpensive wines. We appreciate that they note producers that use organic grapes or practice sustainable methods.

Are you familiar with any of the wines on the BTI list(s)? Do you agree with their assessments? Your comments are welcome as always.


  1. It's Beverage Testing Institute, not Tasting. Your first point doesn't make any sense, the links they post at the end of the article do list the wines.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous, and for the name correction. Our point is that we would have preferred to see the list of 100 wines, rather than a list of links to the wines by category. Does that make any sense?

  3. No. It's easier to find the wines I'm interested in organized by type and price, as they have done with the links. Why is a big long list better? It would be harder to search.

  4. I'm happy the format works for you. What are your thoughts on the included wines? Any that should be listed that are not, or any wines that made the list that you think should not have?


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