Thursday, May 21, 2009

2d poll results--how much is too much to spend on a wine?

The second poll generated less interest than the first, with only 5 people weighing in on the topic. One person selected two answers, indicating a too-high price at a restaurant as well as a too-high retail price. Unfortunately, the poll widget will not show us which the two answers were ($10 and $20? $20 and $100? we cannot know). We have not had luck finding a better poll tool, and we continue to welcome suggestions for readers.

So here are the results as we have them. How much is too much to spend? 2 votes for $20, 1 vote each for $35 and $50, and 2 votes for $100. We are encouraged by the results. We aim to feature wines that cost less than $20 here, but as you are doubtless aware it can be difficult to find genuinely exciting wines at this price. We now feel that we can discuss the occasional exciting find at more than $20 without alienating our readers!

We have some more poll ideas, so we'll put up a new poll soon. If you have any suggestions, please do send them our way.

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