Friday, May 8, 2009

Poll results thus far

My, but you are an adventurous bunch. The first round of votes are in and 100% of the respondents say that they typically buy a new bottle.

Which immediately brings to mind all sorts of follow up questions. Do you buy wines that are new to you because:
- you are seeking out new experiences?
- you have not been happy with the wines you have bought?
- the wines you have bought are not available when you go back?

Doubtless you have other reasons. Please do share.

Thank you for the poll responses, and keep 'em coming. We'll post a new poll shortly.


  1. It depends on the mood. Sometimes I buy a new wine just to seek out new experiences and expand my appreciation and knowledge of wines and the regions they come from. Other times we buy bottles of wines we know we like and enjoy. I would say there is a 60/40 mix of new/old in our wine inventory at home.

    However if I am going somewhere and taking a bottle of wine with me I will almost always take something I know is good versus trying something new.

  2. Hmm, my response is much like kelprat's. What a shock! As usual with binary choices, my real answer is: it depends. If I am taking a bottle to the home of someone I don't know well, I will always take something I know and like. If it is for us, or for us and people we know won't spurn us if the bottle we bought turns out to suck, then I prefer to try something new.

    Can't there be a "it depends" button for the lawyers?

  3. I agree! The poll feature leaves more than a little to be desired. I will hunt around to see if I can find a better poll module. In the meantime, everyone should feel free to add comments to explain their choices!


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